02.58 Dear Firealarm

I had just fallen asleep when you started to make your noise. I was floating around on a white fluffy cloud, feeling like the greatest man on earth, and all of a sudden my little cloud just burst… *poff*… and I was back in reality with my head stuck under a pillow, covering my ears with the palms of my hands, pretending like I couldn’t hear you. But you son of a bitch would just not let me fall asleep again. And after a while your best friend, the “viktigpetter” RA was knocking on my door and telling me to get the fuck up. So I got the fuck up and here I am, waiting for you to shut up so I can go back to sleep, cause I’ve got a test at nine tomorrow. So please, just let me go back to where I was, floating on that white comfortable cloud.

Yours sincerely

P.S. Go fuck yourself


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